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The News is Essential to Donald Kerry Frey’s Entrepreneurship

August 23, 2018

Technology entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey has always considered phenomenally important, it is information. He has a strong passion for the hope and the potential of the future. Others seem to be afraid of the future, but he believes that is due to the lack of quality information about technology and what it means for the future. Donald’s impressive tech background has given him the knowledge and the skills to make a success of Frey Robotics, the tech news website he founded as a way to inform more people regarding the coming automation boom, but to do so in a way that makes them less anxious and fearful about the prospects.

Donald Kerry Frey firmly believes the right kind of information has the ability to spark new innovation or development that could make a positive difference, at the same time it alleviates much of the anxiety many have about robotics, which many believe will simply displace jobs, although robotics holds the prospect of making life easier and more efficient. Frey Robotics offers information that brings greater peace of mind about the future.